Brief List Of Actual Good Idea Vanity License Plate Ideas I Have Come Up With Tonight:

01. A package of Chips Ahoy, refreshed with a new package weekly, so that you can snack when hanging cool and arm-propped in parking lot

02. Cheap fireworks on button-activated trigger fuse run through back seat (roman candles a no-no, fountains a must)

03. A small speaker playing Never Be The Same by Christopher Cross on repeat, so that intrigued passerbys might have an intimate moment with a pretty OK song

04. A light bulb with a pull chain that, unsurprisingly, lights up when tugged on

05. Magnetic poetry, but gas price related (bitter words on magnets mostly, like DEADENING and STRANGLE-WORTHY to describe feelings)

06. Lots of negative space around a single black dot, like maybe you’re really Zen, mysterious, but the dot is in fact a button that starts playing that same Christopher Cross song through a small speaker that, turns out, is also the button

07. Have I mentioned cookies? I’m thinking cookies

08. All the lyrics to every Christopher Cross song, printed on the face of a sewing needle

09. All the poetry your heart could handle that day (including Cross lyrics [a must, like the fountains])

10. Fire on a stick, Greek fire that never extinguishes no matter how fast you drive

11. The very light of your soul, clicked on with unsurprising ease via a black button on the console

12. This brief list, repeated

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