Nathan Klose lives and makes stuff in Huntsville, AL. Sometimes that stuff is word stuff.

He is the former Creative Director over 2nd & Charles, Books-A-Million, and Joe Muggs. Nathan can be found making all kindsa stuff for other people for money at letsmakestufftogether.com as a far more powerful consulting Creative Director.

He is an editor and admin for The Curator magazine. It is a neat publication and he hopes you really like it.

He is also an executive board member of InSpero, an arts collective in Birmingham, AL, that, with a measure of hope and clammy white knuckles, works hard to re-envision the city through art.

He has a wife that is a pastor and two dogs that rip the tiny squeaker hearts out of chew toys.

Find Nathan interrupting you in public to spout about creativity and the future at whatawordisfor.com, and writing eco-friendly quality gut-words at excusemyexcuses.com.

Email him using NateK at letsmakestufftogether dot com.

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