Nathan Klose lives and makes stuff in Huntsville, AL. Sometimes that stuff is word stuff.

He’s the Chief Marketing Officer of UNISPARC, a utilities-enhancing, smart-city-focused company.

He is also the Creative Director of Urban Engine, the largest North Alabama economic accelerator and entrepreneurial community in the region.

He’s a Full Stack Creative Director & Owner of his own consultancy for clients across the United States at letsmakestufftogether.com.

He is a founding and core team member of TEDxVoyagerWay.

He is the former Creative Director over 2nd & Charles, Books-A-Million, and Joe Muggs.

He is the former editor and admin for The Curator magazine, an arts and culture publication based in NYC.

He’s a founding member and Creative Director of The Quantum Institute, an advanced physics non-profit.

He is an advisory board member of InSpero, an arts collective in Birmingham, AL, that, with a measure of hope and clammy white knuckles, works hard to re-envision the city through art.

He’s been a board member on plenty of other non-profits over his career, and is always searching to lend a hand.

Find Nathan interrupting you in public to spout about creativity and the future at whatawordisfor.com, and writing eco-friendly quality gut-words at excusemyexcuses.com.

Email him using NateK at letsmakestufftogether dot com.

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